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Title:Nutriose®, the soluble dietary fiber supplement by Roquette
Category:Health: Nutrition
Description:Everyone agrees that consuming soluble fiber is beneficial to health on many fronts : weight loss and effective weight management, lowering cholesterol, maintaining a healthy colon and good bacteria in the gut. But consumers want soluble fiber foods without sacrificing taste and texture. Nutriose, the soluble dietary fibre developped by Roquette meets this need. The soluble fiber Nutriose is of natural origin and can be used to enhance high fiber foods while remaininglow calorie and low glycemic. Roquette Nutriose - for healthy living.
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Meta Description:Nutriose® is a soluble fiber developped by Roquette is of natural origin derived from wheat dexrin and/or corn dexrin. It can be used to enhance foods with soluble fiber for all its benefits.
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