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Title:South Dublin Dental
Category:Health: Dental Health
Description:South Dublin Dental is a new family dental practice in the heart of Foxrock village. We aim to provide a high standard of dental care in a modern and friendly environment. We are open early mornings and late evenings. Every day of the week there are appointments outside office hours of 9-5. As well as having these convenient opening times, we have dedicated emergency appointments available on a daily basis. Routine appointments are also often available on the same day. Here at South Dublin Dental, we are a fully digital practice and we hope to be able to pass on the benefits of being a digital practice to you. Radiographs will be faster and of a lower radiation dose, our intra-oral digital camera will show you what we can see inside your mouth, and reminders will be sent via email and text! Our competitive prices will be updated on a regular basis. Our aim at South Dublin Dental is to incorporate the whole family in our practice by offering fantastic deals for under 16?????s and grown-ups alike! Situated in the heart of Foxrock village, we are looking forward to being an integral part of the local community. So give us a call to find out if you can be seen today.
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