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Title:Plaque '' Last Supper''
Category:Arts & Humanities
Description:Plaque is a representation of the biblical scene "Last Supper", is made of modeling plaster dry in the oven at a controlled temperature and they are the artworck of sculptor Petru Maxim, under the whose name they have been registred at OSIM as a trademark. The gold, silver and copper plating is done exclusively by hand and the application method and finishing touches fully respect the Fiorentin tradition. The materials needed for decorating it, leaflets and primers, etc. are made in Italy and they are of the best qualiy, which is needed in order to have a long lasting finished product. Due to finish, crafted from a mixture of wax and bitumen, the plate dont require special maintenance, the products used for decoration prevent the dust to adhere. In order to mentain their finish it is enough to remove the dust periodically. The mixture of wax and bitumen used to decorate our products also offers them a pleasant antique look, emphasising the details of the artwork. Because of these two compunds, the plate is well isolated from the environment and they can be displayed in rooms with elevated humidity such as kitchens, cellars, etc
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