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Title:prognosis for kidney
Category:Arts & Humanities: Job and Employment Resources
Description:"I have kidney cancer. What now?" Your doctor has just told you that you have cancer. Your mind whirls with emotion. Your spouse begins to cry. Suddenly, you are facing a health crisis. Now, more than ever, you need to think clearly despite strong emotions. This site contains information from scientists and physicians who are experts in understanding and treating kidney cancer. The goal is to help you beat cancer by making you smarter. How is this possible? Your ability to think, to use information, and to make choices about treatment can help bend the odds in your favor. Visiting this website is the first step. This page provides you with brief background information about kidney cancer and some immediate resources that may be helpful and information that follows is much more in-depth, ranging from current surgical and therapeutic approaches to practical advice for living with cancer day to day. Improving your health starts right now!
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