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Title:Unforgettable Moments
Category:Society: People
Description:Hi Friends, My name is Sumit Vinayak. I am a creater of this Blog, i belongs to Lucknow (Capital Of Uttar Pradesh) India. Now I am currently living in Delhi. I came to Delhi one year six months before and at that time i had nothing except my love(Pallavi Lohia), and my motive for creating this blog is for my old memories and unforgettable moments which i spent with my love(Pallavi Lohia) is always be in my heart till my last breath. I dont know how or why but I do know that she changed my life. I met her and Ive ever been the same since. I dont know if its for better or worse or just for nothing but I know that she changed me, she really did. She taught me how to live my life, I mean really live. She showed me that I dont have to be afraid of what other people think of me. She taught me to laugh, laugh at everything and to always smile no matter how hard it is. She told me to never give up dreaming and I never have. Somewhere between all the hugs and the laughs and the smiles, I fell in love. I know times have changed and I get it, I really get it but I just want she to know that I do and will always love her ...?
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