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Title:Help Google Crisis Response Volunteers Raise $2.5 Million in Occupy-Help Campaign!
Category:Business & Economy: Charity
Description:Occupiers are fighting for 99% of us, which pretty much includes those who are affected by the recession, uninsured, underemployed, and totally insecure in the face of ever increasing social and financial inequities. They are practically standing up for the entire world and representing those who can\'t be there, but would also like to support. Here\'s the good news ÔÇô you can help, right now today ÔÇô no matter where you are. This fundraising campaign offers Everyone the opportunity to Protect the futures of middle and lower class families ÔÇö For yourself, and for everyone else. We\'re aiming to raise up to 2.5 million dollars within six months or by the end of this year, going into 2012. That money will go towards an important cause. Our objective is to support the strong Occupy Movement worldwide, help provide technical disaster-relief support, and also help people suffering from economic, financial hardship as a result of the recession, e.g., the unemployed, homeless shelters, etc... We will do this periodically by donating to various foundations as the need arises. Also a small percentage of these funds will help aid in the Google Crisis Response teams effort to provide aerial imagery and other relevant data after natural disasters... Than you all for you support. visit www.occupy-google.org
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