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Kerala Snake Boat Race

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There are not many people who have not heard about the famous Kerala boat race. Experiencing the vibrant cultural life of the people in Kerala and witnessing the great event of Kerala boat race in Allapuzha in the Punnamada Lake is indeed splendid. There are many tourists who engage at least one trip to kerala la to watch the famous boat race. Kerala snake boat race is generally held in the months of August and September. People from across Kerala throng the banks of the river to experience the vibrancy and excitement. The qualities like team spirit, integration and sportsmanship are showcased through this sport which involves more than 100 participants. The snake boats, also known as Chundanvallams, provide seats for 100-125 rowers. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was so fascinated by this event that he used to send a trophy with his signature from Delhi to the winning team. From then Kerala snake boat race has become a yearly event with many people wanting to participate in the event from all over Kerala and India. The race depicts Kerala’s rich cultural heritage and its traditional legacy. The climate of Kerala is also very inviting. It enjoys a moderate climate that is neither too hot during summer nor too cold during winter. The monsoons during the months from June to October refresh the greenery and make the climate cool. The tropical moderate climate makes it an ideal place to enjoy vacations. The blissful climate during winter from September to February makes it the peak time when tourists from across the globe visit ‘God’s Own Country’. For further reference visit : http://www.ayurcounty.com/
Date Added: March 26, 2013 06:51:34 AM
Author: Moisesjo