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force meters

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Accuracy, durability and the cost – these are merely three aspects, among many other ones, which should be taken into consideration when choosing a good force meter. Buying the right gauge is not simple as manufacturers provide various types which users can choose from. The devices offered by one company, though, seems to positively differ from the other ones. Fulcrum Inc. sells the devices of TORBAL – a brand whose history dates back to the 1800’s. TORBAL Precision and Analytical scales became famous for their superior weighing mechanisms. After achieving a significant success with scales, Fulcrum Inc. has recently introduced moisture analyzers, industrial balances and force gauges into their offer. The force measures of Fulcrum Inc. are truly user-friendly, but the features which probably are most appreciated are that the measures are hugely precise and durable. The company sells two series of force measures: the FA series and the FAk series. The characteristic common for both is that they may be used for a wide variety of measurement applications. Each machine, irrespective of the series it belongs to, possesses a large 3" graphical LCD display and an 8 key keypad with menu navigation keys. Each of them also includes modern computer enhanced technology and a rugged reinforced housing. All these characteristics guarantee superb performance, accuracy, and a long operating life, as well as make the meters very easy to operate – all this at a very affordable price. The capacity of the FA series ranges from 50N (with a resolution of 0.01N) to 500N (with a resolution of 0.1N) proving that the series is ideal for quite small loads as they guarantee greater precision, particularly that they can show results in a number of different measure units (kg, lb, oz, N). Due to being furnished with high quality accessories means accurate tension and compression measurements performed in an easy manner. The capacity of the FAk series, on the other hand, ranges from 1kN (with a resolution of 0.2N) to 50kN (with a resolution of 10N); that is why the series is perfect for measuring heavy force loads. Errors possible to result from attaching irregular loads are eliminated via external load cells that feature specially constructed bearings which the FAk series is equipped with. Before shipping, each TORBAL force measure is precisely calibrated; what is more, each gauge possesses calibration options which enable geographical location corrections.
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Author: NaomiRRichards182