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Best Restaurant Calgary Alberta

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Welcome to The Empire Cafe offers an ideal setting for a memorable dinner, a romantic date, dancing; grilled kabobs, seafood, pastas, hummus and more await your taste buds with large booths, over stuffed couches, and low lighting that remains a consistent favorite with the most fashionable crowd in Calgary. A full service cafe by day, featuring quality imported Sheesha and a hopping lounge by night, we've got you covered! And of course, Hookah is served all day! With an atmosphere that will appeal to everyone. Lounge and relax with us as you are introduced to the century’s old pleasures of the Hookah. We offer Sheesha bar , Empire cafe restaurant, Mediterranean cafe, Hookah bar, Belly dancers, Mediterranean restaurants, Middle Eastern music, Best restaurant in Calgary. Empire Caf is a glamorous, elegant and unique lounge in Calgary. Here you can get a superior sound system with a spacious dance floor and top shelf liquor. We offer an array of unforgettable music, drink specials and exotic hookah. We offer an electric blend of a nightclub and a hookah lounge. Empire Caf has a variety of enjoyable hookah flavors and drinks. Our comfy seating makes Empire Cafe the perfect place to hang out day or night. The Empire Cafe and lounge is by nature and design, a lounge type atmosphere with low-lighting, colorful rooms, and authentic Mediterranean appetizers and entrees. We welcome you and hope you have a memorable experience that your guest will remember for years. You can 15 different flavors of top quality imported Sheesha (herbal) to give you the smoking experience of a lifetime, among which are flavors exclusive to The Empire Cafe and lounge. New flavors are added often and changed. The Empire Cafe and lounge is by nature and design, a lounge type atmosphere with low-lighting colorful rooms, and authentic Mediterranean appetizers and entrees. Here you are introduced to the century's old pleasures of the Hookah. The Empire Caf is a full smoke shop in Calgary. We offer you water pipes, cigars, cigarettes, and rolling papers and cool looking colorful Sheesha. You can also get hookahs and hookah related accessories, water pipes, cleaners and more. Our hookah comes at a reasonable price and we have over 70 assorted flavors to choose from. We have over 100 flavor, and we carry many brands like Al Fakher, deja-vu, fantasia, starbuzz....Some of our Sheesha flavors include: Double apple, apple, orange crush, mango, strawberry daiquiri, vanilla, banana, honeydew melon, tutti frutti, lemon, mint, fruit mix, strawberry, rose, apricot, cappuccino. Come by to catch up on work, relax or hang out with your friends. Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Something to make your party or event stand out in the minds of your guests? Something they will never forget. Consider hookah catering. Hookah, considered the “cigar of the new millennium” brings people together around a smoking pipe for conversations, interactions and general relaxation. We will come to your event and bring all of the necessary supplies including all of our flavored tobaccos and decorative hookahs to make your party unforgettable. Our staff will keep the party and the hookahs going. Give us a call for a quote today at403-612-8035 or 403-263-6900.if you are interested please log on to our website: http://www.calgaryempirecafe.com
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