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Kozhikode, a Part of Kerala Tour

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Every tourist is smitten with Kerala’s beauty. Kerala is blessed with abundant water bodies and greenery. It also has a rich flora and fauna that has fascinated every tourist. There are many places in Kerala that are frequented by tourists round the year. One such place is Kozhikode or Calicut. It is situated on the South west coast of the Arabian Sea. It has the serene Arabian Sea on its West and the mesmerizing peaks of Wayanad hills on the East, thus making it a fascinating part of the Kerala tour. One of the places worth visiting in Kozhikode is the place where Vasco da Gama set his foot for the first time when he came to India on May 27th, 1498. To commemorate this event there is a small stone monument at the beach. The paintings of Raja Ravi Varma are displayed in an art gallery next to Pazhassirajah museum. Dolphin’s point is another good place to visit where one can watch dolphins playing in the sea early in the morning. Kozhikode town center, Lions Club and a lighthouse are also situated on this beach. Kozhikode beach is a treat to watch with two crumbling piers, more than a hundred years old, standing into the sea. There is also a Marine Life Aquarium in the beach. Mananchira, then palace tank of King Mana Vikrama, is now a traditional architectural splendor with carpeted green grass and surrounded by ethnic buildings. The Science Planetarium at Jaffarkhan colony is a place for lovers of planets, stars and the universe. For further reference visit : http://www.ayurcounty.com/
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