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Internet Service Providers & A Range of Internet Access Services

Category: Computers & Internet: Service Providers (ISP)

The Internet Service Provider or ISP refers to any company that provides Internet services, including business and individual access to Internet. Other than basic Internet connectivity, Internet Service Providers mostly offer related Internet services such as email services, access to software tools, web hosting and the like.The Internet Service Providers provide various types of Internet connection based on different technologies. ISPs employ either an existing telephone connection, television cable connection or a satellite connection to connect the subscribers to the Internet. The different types of Internet connections are: Dial-up connection where the regular phone connection is used either for voice service or to access Internet; Digital Subscriber Line or DSLalso utilizes telephone connection but involves simultaneous transmission of data as well as voice or fax services. Such Internet services can be can be set up at any location where there is a telephone network without much effort.The Cable Internet utilizes the television cable network for delivering high speed Internet access. But such Internet access depends on the infrastructure of the cable network services and hence is available only at particular locations. Satellite Internet Access offers high speed Internet connection through use of satellite connection. Even though expensive, Internet access via satellite is the best option to gain connectivity in remote areas where Dial-up, DSL or Cable Internet is not available. For instance, Satellite Internet Access is highly preferred by Internet providers in Afghanistan and other such countries with limited yet gradually improving infrastructure.Wireless Internet utilizes radio frequency which offers portable Internet access to subscribers with laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other such Wi-Fi enabled devices. For further reference visit : http://www.sniperhill.net/
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Author: Keon John