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Are You Having Problems With A Slow Mac?

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A number of people are using Mac key performance indicators tool just to rate how good a Mac computer is. They usually do this when they want to compare a PC with a Mac. Most people are often attracted to PCs because they are relatively cheaper compared to Mac. Unfortunately, everyone knows that PCs often breakdown and crash. Aside from these errors, PCs are also susceptible to numerous kinds of malicious software. With Mac computers, you will seldom encounter these problems. iPods have changed the way we interact with digital media, especially music. Though everybody is aware of the iPod's success they usually forget the role played by the software platforms called iTunes in its success. Without the iTunes client the iPod and the iPhone would never be what they are now. Now that I've got your attention to talk about iTunes, lets see what Apple has included in the new version of the media player and manager that brings your mobile music and communication experience together. Apple has always been constantly innovating and including new features into its iTunes app, with version 9 it has yet again included some interesting features. Lets take a look at the most significant features and improvements in this version of iTunes. Just as the iTunes LP adds more value to the digital music you buy, iTunes extras adds all the additional material that usually comes with the DVD version of movies to the digital download. Now you can enjoy behind scene views, commentary, chapter selections, trailers, photos and more with your Itunes digital movie download. In fact, I bought most movies on DVD special editions because they carried bonus material with them that I previously could not get with digital donwloads. Now that iTunes Extras brings this part of the DVD as well to the movie downloads, just another reason to clear out my DVD shelf. In 2005 Mac it was announced that Bernie Mac had the disease sarcoidosis but it was said the condition went into remission. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs. The side effects of this disease can be very deadly. In Mac's case this was sadly the outcome. On July 24, 2008 Mac was hospitalized pneumonia and was said to be in critical condition. One week after the news of Mac's hospitalization his publicist said he was doing well and should be released with in one week. On August 9, 2008 it was announced that Mac had passed away from complication of pneumonia. iTunes 9 offers improves syncing capabilities. Especially for iPhone and iPod users Itunes 9 provides gretaer control over syncing by providing the option to organise apps. The app store is a wilderness where you can easily get lost and your iPhone/iPod Touch would soon be overflowing with apps. Quickly getting to your favorite apps can turn out to be a real task until now, iTunes 9 allows your to move around your apps, adjust the home screen of your device bringing in the long awaited feature. You can also control what apps are synced to your mobile device and what remain on your Itunes client so that you don'T have to wade through pages and pages of apps to get the one you're looking for. On to the Synaptics touchpad: The texture on the touchpad is the exact same as the palmrest, a soft-touch, textured plastic. Some people will like the texture, but I imagine many will not. I found the texture to make for a surprisingly practical and accurate pointing experience, but I am quickly reminded by just how nice a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard can feel when I switch back to my MacBook Air. The regular two finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, and rotate, all work like you would expect - they work. Scrolling is not the enjoyable experience that it is on a Mac, but it seems like a matter of software that could solve this. Palm rejection is fair, but I did find the cursor to jump a couple of times while writing this review. Most of the time though, my palms never seemed to even touch the touchpad, by the simple virtue of it being very small, which brings me to my next point. The touchpad is just plain too small. Looking at the design, I cant see how they could have put a larger touchpad in it, but again, Apple manages to do just that with their 11 inch Air. As a final thought, considering the primary purpose of this laptop is gaming, you will more than likely be using a mouse most of the time anyway, so this may be a moot point. For more information about clean mac review www.detoxmymac.com
Date Added: January 03, 2013 04:26:06 AM
Author: Tamara Conger