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Tips On Choosing Meal Replacement Bars And Shakes

Category: Health: Reproductive Health

Many people would say that it is easy to find meal replacement bars or shakes today. Indeed, it is very easy to find one, however, it is a different story when it comes to finding decent ones. Usually, when one looks for a meal replacement product, one would easily get regular protein bars and shakes wrapped with false claims and advertising. Decent products such as Body By Vi shakes offer consumers the needed vitamins and minerals, good fats, carbohydrates and protein. Sadly, many of the meal replacements sold in the market today are lack when it comes to nutrition for they are filled with nothing else but chemicals and sugar. Nothing beats natural. A decent meal replacement product will never say that they are even better compared to food, however, there are some that would say such claim. They point out are foods such as lean meat, whole grains, healthy oils, fruits and also vegetables. In reality, if people’s meal consist them, then meal replacement is not necessary at all. A so called meal replacement would make use of the nutrients found on those healthy food, and is not synthesized. It’s vital to be knowledgeable about meal replacements. Hence, reading product reviews is a must. Aside from that, look for the ingredients and nutrition facts on the label and understand the information written on them. But reading these information would only go to waste, if the ratio for the right amount of protein, fat and oils as well as protein is not known and understood to the person. Everything would be wasted since one will not know which contains the good carbs or good fats, and which one does not. So it’s important to be knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. Any meal replacement that has high sugar content, artificial sweeteners and also synthesized ingredients is a big “no”. If one opts for those products, then there’s a chance that he is signing his own death sentence by using products that could harm his or her health. Look for another product, if you see that it contains any of the following: Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Sucralose, Saccharin and Fructose Corn Syrup. Because of this, the need to read the label becomes even more apparent. Usually, the reason why people buy meal replacements is because they want to lose weight and build mass. If that is the case, then the need to understand calories written on these product’s label is very important. People end up having body fats because the unused calories coming from the food they eat are being stored in the body. So, it’s not hard to understand why exercise is something a person needs to stay healthy. Since meal replacements are loaded with lots of calories, it’s important that they do not come from complex sugars. Here's more info about shakes for weight loss have a look at www.bodybyvishape.com
Date Added: November 24, 2012 01:21:51 PM
Author: Morris Beasley