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Other Known Drug Testing Methods

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When it comes to drug testing, the first one that comes to mind is urine testing. But there are also other methods of drug testing aside from this. If you want to know these other drug tests, it would be best for you to read further. Hair testing is perhaps the second known drug testing method. Drugs that are used are metabolized by the body, which will be delivered by the bloodstream. Once the blood passes through the blood vessels under the hair, the growing hair will then carry the metabolites with it. So the hair will bear the records of drug use. Hair testing will require several hair strands that are to be put in certain chemicals in order to dissolve it. The lab will then analyse the sample using various methods in order to determine whether or not the person has been abusing or using drugs. Another method is the perspiration drug test. Sweat glands are just like hair follicles in terms of keeping tabs on a person?s drug use. In this test, drug test is done by using a certain patch. Usually, this form of testing is used as a monitoring procedure for people who are on probation or on parole. Saliva testing is also another method in detecting drug use in the person. In this test, the purpose is to test the presence of the metabolites in the saliva. Unfortunately, this kind of test is only suitable for very recent use of illegal drugs. It will only work a few hours or days after drug use. Thus, this method is limited to testing current intoxication of drugs. When it comes to the most expensive, it would be blood drug testing. Blood testing is very expensive because it is the most accurate method in determining a person?s drug use. The presence of drug use can be detected by this drug test even if it was almost a week ago. Since the huge cost of this test, this is not a popular drug testing method. This method is primarily used in life or health insurances and accident investigations. People can still find ways to pass a drug test. If one wants to avoid testing negative, they can still try certain methods or kits. However, when it comes to the best way to test negative, the answer is avoiding drugs. No matter how you look at it, drug addiction is never a good thing. Here's more regarding pass a hair drug test take a look at www.passdrugtest.com/
Date Added: November 05, 2012 06:34:06 AM
Author: Gail Mchugh